Break Up Song Lyrics

Break Up Song


Written by Gabrielle Gardiner


Verse 1


Late nights and long fights 

Gaslights and your lies, I know 

Couldn’t find my way home 


Red lights and stop signs 

Red flags they pass me by, I know 

They’d become my home 




Tell me why’d you hate me, tell me baby 

Why’d you go and mess me up 

Tell me why’d you break me, then call me crazy 

When all I did was show you love 


Post Chorus 


Was I not enough?

Am I not enough? 


Verse 2


You don’t know when to stop your drinking 

You cut me I’ll apologise for bleeding 

I know I shouldn’t have expected for anything to change 


I understand you had a lot going on 

Took me for granted made it easier to move on 

And yeah it was painful 

but I can’t even blame you 


Chorus X2




You’re a loser and a cheat you know what you did to me 

But you’re never gonna take responsibility 

You’re a drop out and a liar 

Situations getting dire and I hope that you bleed


Chorus X3