Dream Big Lyrics

Dream Big

Written by Gabrielle Gardiner
Verse 1
I think nerves come to me whenever I get stressed
About fame, music, or my next school test
I guess, it’s just ‘cause I wanna be the best
So anything less, just fails the rate of my success
One fail doesn’t mean I’ve gotten worse
But I don’t wanna be second, I just wanna be first
And as I fall I feel the rise in my tummy
I’m feeling kinda funny, wipe the tears off my t-shirt
Yeah, and flip the fears into reverse
And be the bravest kid they ever heard
At your lowest can’t get any worse
At your highest you’re at the top, enjoy the journey and just make it work
So I’mma make it work
Just making the best out of every situation so that this can work

Dream big keep aiming for the sky
We’ll keep working ‘til we win the fight
This is our chance and we’re gonna take it
Gonna take it, yeah
Dream big keep aiming for the sky
I’ll keep working ‘til I win the fight
This is my chance gonna take it with both hands
And make it, oh yeah
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

Verse 2
‘Cause even when you’re feeling down and blue
Always know there’s someone else worse off than you
When you feel like you don’t have the strength to stand
Just know the whole world is at your hands
At your fingertips, are you hearing this?
A couple tips that could help you out of it
A couple tips on repeat when you’ve had enough
When you get knocked down get straight back up
‘Cause even if I fail, I’ll go down fighting, we
Will never leave without our dignity
‘Cause you never really know what you could achieve
Until you try, greatness could be your destiny
The haters are testing me
Wait ‘til you’ve seen the rest of me
Yeah, ‘cause you ain’t seen the last of me
‘Til you’ve seen the best of me


Verse 3
Yeah this is our time to shine, our time to find
The talent you were made to do cause I’ve found mine
One step back and three steps forwards
Listen to these words these are the key words
Keep dreaming keep believing start achieving
‘Cause perseverance is the key thing, yeah