Peak (Interlude) Lyrics


Peak (Interlude)


Written by Gabrielle Gardiner


Chorus 1


No one understands how it feels to peak at 14 

You’ve got more to give but no one can see 

The hurting inside stopped creativity 

Now you’re left picking up every piece 


No one understands how it feels to feel so damn weak

Everyone stares but no one can see 

You greet them with smiles with tears underneath 

& every step feels like defeat 




Although I’m trying, I can’t stop crying 

Inside I’m fighting, cos there’s a war within 

No more denying and now I’m finding 

Who I really am & I don’t care if you understand 


Chorus 2


Now I understand that I never peaked at 14

I’ve got more to give and one day you’ll see

The healing inside has given me peace

& I love every piece of me, every piece of me